Clerks and Chairmen as representatives of the council can access ERNLLCA via email or phone for support and advice.  ERNLLCA cannot advise individual councillors. We expect to hear regularly from new clerks, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Common areas of enquiry are; Meeting Procedure, Chairmanship, Finance, Employment, legal opinion, Allotments, Cemetery Management and Community Buildings.

Models of Good Practice

The website had a wide variety of content to support Clerks, RFO’s and Councillors, content is available to download and adapt as necessary on Employment, Governance, Finance & various council services.


ERNLLCA operates a substantial training programme using both qualified in-house trainers and specialist external training partners such as, Parkinson Partnership LLP, Andrew Towlerton Associates and Breakthrough Communications.

For smaller councils of an electorate of 2000 or less there are a number of opportunities to receive training at a reduced fee, allowing councils of all sizes to benefit from this programme.


ERNLLCA’s annual conference and regular meetings provides an opportunity for networking and development alongside monthly Clerk and Chairmen’s “Chats”.


Monthly newsletters sent directly to Clerks and available from the website giving the most up-to-date news affecting local councils.

Nalc legal service

Access to NALC’s Legal Service Team, providing  a legal view which many councils have found to be invaluable. Many smaller parish councils remain in membership because they recognise that the cost of obtaining a single piece of alternative legal advice is likely is to be in excess of their annual membership fee to ERNLLCA.

Local council award scheme

ERNLLCA also supports member councils which are moving towards achieving accreditation at either Foundation, Quality and Gold. This is the charter mark recognised by Government for our sector.