Training & Conferences

ERNLLCA operates a substantial and accredited annual training programme and annual conference which is held in high regard. The real test of ERNLLCA’s training programme is the value attendees place on it. During the last year, councillors’ comments have included “very productive”, “well presented”, “easy to follow”, “professional and informative” and “excellent”. ERNLLCA does have to levy a charge for training but offers a reduced rate for small councils. Membership fees do not include the cost of delivering training. 

We are also a leading partner in the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Training Partnership which co-ordinates and delivers professional development opportunities for Clerks. 
In addition to our ongoing training programme ERNLLCA also provides an annual conference. 


Training Events

Qualifications for Clerks


CilCA 2017 guide

CilCA 2021 guide

Community Governance Certificate in Higher Education and beyond course details.


Training for Member Councils

To book ERNLLCA training please use the following link: 


Guide to using the ERNLLCA bookings system 

Allotment Training

ERNLLCA has arranged for Allotment training in conjunction with The National Allotment Society. The training will be delivered in 4 parts over 4 weeks during November.

  •  Wednesday 3rd November at 1.30pm-3pm - Tenancy Agreements and Policies
  • Wednesday 10th November at 1.30pm-3pm - Site Facilities and Health and Safety
  • Wednesday 17th November at 1.30pm-3pm - Self-Management by Associations
  • Wednesday 24th November at 1.30pm-3pm – Governance arrangements for allotments managed by councils


The cost of the training will be a single charge of £50 plus VAT per Clerk or Councillor, for all 4 sessions.

 Managing Grievances 

Grievances cannot be ignored and this two-hour, on-line, training event will take attendees through the main elements of a fair grievance procedure, from a problem first being highlighted through to it being resolved.  It will also include alternative options that may be more appropriate.


Daytime - £20 plus VAT (electorate under 2000) or £30 plus VAT.
Evening - £25 plus VAT (electorate under 2000) or £35 plus VAT.
Times: - 2-4pm and 6.30-8.30pm, Thursday 18th November

Being a Good Councillor Training

Part 1 

Times: - 2-4pm and 6.30-8.30pm, 5th January 2022

Part 2

Times: - 2-4pm and 6.30-8.30pm, 6th January 2022
Daytime - £20 plus VAT (electorate under 2000) or £30 plus VAT per part.
Evening - £25 plus VAT (electorate under 2000) or £35 plus VAT per part.


Finance Training

ERNLLCA are offering finance training delivered via Zoom by Parkinson Partnership. The cost is £30 plus VAT per course and for smaller councils with an electorate of less than 2000 the cost is £20 plus VAT. Please email to book your place.

For further information about the courses available please read the course descriptions  


Dates still available for training are as follows and begin at 10am and finish at 11.30am unless stated:
Budgeting for Councillors
20th October
6.30pm - 14th and 19th October
3rd, 10th, 25th and 29th November
1st December


Budgeting for Clerks and Finance Staff
5th, 7th, 19th and 21st October
2nd, 4th, 16th, 18th and 30th November


Introduction to VAT for Local Councils
12th October
23rd November 
7th December
11th and 27th January 2022
15th February 2022
1st March 2022 
Internal Controls
27th October
9th December
13th January


Role of the Internal Auditor
14th December
18th January 
Evening - 6.30pm 25th November




ERNLLCA Conference

ERNLLCA Conference

Postponed until further notice.