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Members' Section

This section of the website is restricted for use of members only. In it you will find a section on Member Resources which includes information in the following areas: Advisory Notes; Freedom of Information; Borrowing Approval; Employment; Model Documents and Publications (such as Standing Orders; Financial Regulations, Guides and so on.

Access to this part of the website is by use of the access details already issued by ERNLLCA.  It is for each council to decide how it wishes to share the information on these pages with its members.

If you have any queries, or suggestions as to how this website can be improved please channel them through your Clerk. ERNLLCA cannot enter into communication with individual councillors.

Please note that ERNLLCA cannot provide advice for individual councillors. Any councillor requiring individual advice should, in the first instance, contact the Clerk.

The information, advice or guidance contained on the Members' section of this website has been prepared by ERNLLCA
for the benefit of member councils and cannot be shared with any other council not in membership of ERNLLCA.