How to Become a Councillor


Where there is a vacancy on your local parish or town council this will be filled by election or by co-option. If an election is to be held, candidates will have to complete a Nomination Paper which has to be signed by two other electors of your parish. Nomination forms will be available from your Parish or Town Clerk but they can also be obtained from the Electoral Services teams at your principal authority:

If an election is not called and the vacancy is to be filled by co-option, the necessary application form and process can be obtained from the parish or town Clerk.

Parish and town councils work towards improving their community by providing services at a local level. They are the first tier of local government and councillors have responsibility for making the decisions which help shape their communities. 

You might also find the following publication to be useful: 
Electoral Commission guidance for candidates

If you are interested please contact the Clerk to your parish or town council.